Right now Irvine Consulting is in the final stages of implementation of Autotask PSA (Professional Services Automation) software, which is a well-known industrial-strength system for running an MSP (Managed Services Provider) company.  This system integrates our accounting system, our ticketing system, our distributors, and our customer relationship management system.  As I’ve been going through this process I am continually amazed at how sophisticated and, frankly, how darn COOL this platform is, and I can’t help but continuously compare it to how things were “back in the day”.

I mean, I’ve been running this business a long time and when I think of where it started and where it is now, it’s pretty crazy.  From the days of being a one-man-band, wearing a pager, driving all over the Bay Area, day and night, year in and year out, taking care of clients and the systems that they use to run their businesses...to current times, with a world-class help desk platform, advanced monitoring tools, backup systems, multiple security layers, a crack team of technology professionals on staff, etc…  I think of the systems I cut my teeth on back when the World Wide Web was in its infancy, before cell phones were even a thing, when 1200 baud modems were screaming fast – Novell, DOS, Unix, VMS, Xenix – these were the systems under my care in those early days, before Windows 3.1 hit the scene and blew our minds with a GUI and a 16-bit architecture.

This was in the days of the browser wars, and one of my early clients was the guy who invented a software application that he sold to Microsoft which became Front Page, one of the very first web authorizing tools, effectively giving mere mortals with little to no coding experience the ability to create and publish web content.  Brilliant man.  He was just one of the many incredible, visionary people I have crossed paths with during the 30 years I have been living and working in Silicon Valley.

When I think of all the people, all the companies, all the systems and servers and firewalls and protocols on this Way-Back-Wednesday rumination, I have to say, I can only wonder what I will be thinking 30 years from now looking aback at today.  Will I think, “Wow, I can’t believe I lived through those archaic days of 2020!”  Will the next 30 years see as much development and change as the previous 30 years?  My gut is that the evolution of technology will continue to accelerate.  I think we can’t even begin imagine the technology that will be commonplace in 2050.  But one thing I know is exactly the same today as it was 30 years ago, and will still be exactly the same 30 years from now – people and their reliance upon technology, whatever shape that takes in the future.  And I just know that ICS will still be there, striving to meet our clients’ technology needs, each of us to the best of our abilities.

See you in 30!